About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Illiterate Podcast Network! Home of The Life Illiterate Podcast and Behind the Horse's Eyes Podcast. Stay tuned for future projects coming soon. 

The Life Illiterate Podcast is a comedy podcast coming from the viewpoints of a few dad's in their 30's. 

Behind the Horse's Eyes is a podcast by J Ryan Chastain. BTHE is a weekly podcast that talks about the rewards and challenges faced within the equestrian community. 

We have a few other podcast planned for future release, to include The Roundtable of Mediocre Horsemen and The Illiterate Opinion. 

The Roundtable of Mediocre Horseman is a group of equestrian content creators and friends who give their hilariously, non-professional thoughts and tips on todays equine trends, breeds and disciplines. Ryan, Jessamyn, Hannah, Skylar, Flo and Heather ( along with a slew of surprise guests) tackle these topics with a rawness and humor that is sure to not only make you laugh but put a different spin on the normalized way of looking at all things equestrian.

The Illiterate Opinion will feature various hosts from The Life Illiterate Podcast. They will discuss current events and hot button topics happening in the United States and World. 


Any and all opinions expressed by the host(s), guest(s) and/or fan(s) of any podcast on this network are their personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their respective friends, families, employers or this network.